About us

CAG ONE has been have been at the forefront of the skate sharpening industry since 1987 servicing and selling premium skate sharpeners, accessories and parts. Our objective is to sell machines that anyone can operate while achieving a professional result in as little time as possible. We have taken the mysticism and complexity out of skate profiling and sharpening by providing machines that are easy to use and understand. Our customers are usually trained within 1 hour after receiving their machines and ready for business. Our precision machines are easily calibrated to adjust for various blade widths, lengths and profiles without special tools or templates. All settings and adjustments are mounted and labeled on the front panel for quick operations. Various speed and pass settings allow the operator to achieve a more custom result if desired. CAG ONE provides service and parts to any machine we sell plus we service Prosharp/Eriksson machines. So you can be confident that what you purchase today can be utilized for years or come. CAG ONE also sells: Wheels, Diamonds and Blade solvents, Honing stones, Skate Sharpeners and Profilers, Professional skate riveters, Rivets (all sizes, and copper),  Eyelet Machines, Skate holders, Precision blade measurement tools.Skates are the sacred object of every ice skater, whether he/she is a professional or not. However sometimes they can get ruined and there is nothing worse than having a damaged blade. Rust and scratches are the worst enemies and they can compromise the whole skating experience. Besides, you don't want to spend all the money you earned at the casino for a new pair of ice skate boots. Here you are with a few tips so you can keep your ice skates always in top notch condition. Make sure you have a cloth towel and blade protectors. When you leave the skate rank, put the blade protectors. They are usually made of plastic and help you to walk on the floor without slipping, but also to protect the blades of your boots from scratches. You can find several types and styles: one colour (white, black, grey), in metallic colours or even those covered in strass and glitter. In the changing room, take your ice skates off and pass a dry and soft cloth, possibly a sponge, over the blades to remove any residual ice or water. Place your thumb on the blade, if it forms a halo, then it means that the blade is not completely dry yet. Once the blades are dry, they will be cold, so it is important to keep them warm. For this reason, you should also have some good blade guards, preferably made of a soft absorbent material, so your boots can be protected even when you place them inside your bag.